Kids can win $300 for doing something new on their own. Parents can win, too!

Summer means free time and free time means a chance to do something just because it is THRILLING, FULFILLING or BOTH!

The Let Grow Independence Challenge salutes that can-do drive in kids — and the parents who, perhaps with a little shudder, allow their kids to try something new ON THEIR OWN. That’s why this year, we are announcing two contests: one for kids, one for parents.


Open for submissions from July 26th-August 15th, 2022.

Grand Prize: a $300 gift card.

Two runner-up prizes of $100 each!

Two chances to win. Enter one category or both.

1. Send us a great photo of your child doing something on their own. (Internet rules say we can’t ask kids to do the entering themselves, or of course we would.) We want to see them in action, natural, and unposed. Please, no collages , but you can upload up to 2 different photos.

2. Send us a great short video (under 2 minutes, under 60MB) of your child being amazingly independent. We’re not looking for rehearsed, production quality movies. Catch them in the act, concentrating and maybe even struggling a little.

Last year’s entries included lots of climbing, cooking, building, mowing and so much more.

Need some inspiration? Check out our Let Grow Independence Kit — we’ve got a ton of things kids can start doing by themselves. Or watch the 2021 winners in the video below.

Here’s the entry form. The contest starts VERY SOON, so get those kids of yours doing something…independently! And meantime, here’s:


We know it can be hard the first time you let your kids do something new on their own. That’s why we’d also like to celebrate the parents who are brave enough to…Let Grow.

So, parents: Please send us 300-500 words about your experience stepping back. What made you decide to give your kids some independence? What did they do and how’d they do on their own? How did it affect your child and you?

And please include a photo of you and your kid(s)!

Open for submissions from August 15th-August 31st.

Grand Prize: $100 gift card.

Two runner-ups: $50 gift card.

And remember: When you let your kids show you how much they can do on their own, everybody wins. (Just not $100.)


Our highlight reel from last year: