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Not a Let Grow member yet?

Just because we’ve all been praying for a return to normal and it is sorta, kinda here doesn’t mean the kids are automatically thrilled and engaged every second.

“I’m bored!” still resonates through many a home. That’s fine — even good, as it is not our job to constantly entertain the kids. See this article by a mom who stopped being her kids’ activities director.

If you’re (more than) ready for your kids to figure out something to do, download the Let Grow “I’m Bored!” Kit. It’s filled with 100 different ways to help out, have fun, and learn something new, including:

Play balloon volleyball

Collect things to donate

Try origami

Make a sign to hang in your window

Go wild with duct tape

There are chores, too. And “I’m Bored!” Bingo. And a poster for your fridge that you can point to when the kids say you-know-what.

Which they will.