FREE Chore Chart Printables with Poster, Bookmark, and More

Bring on the chores! Plus we have a new daily schedule available, too.

FREE Chore Chart Printables with Poster, Bookmark, and More

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Encourage independence and responsibility with these chore chart printables. We already know from both studies about the benefits of chores and just our own experiences in parenting that it’s good to give kids tasks and responsibilities. So we’re making that even easier to do with these printables. We have five to choose from, including a new daily schedule chart. Just enter your info below to get the free printables, or you can keep scrolling to see what you’ll get.

We have a general poster you can print big or small.

responsibility chart main

This poster is 100% customizable. There’s a spot for the name up top, and then you decide which chores to add on a daily or weekly basis.

Use our daily schedule chart to create routines.

Screen Shot 2020 04 22 at 1.45.39 PM

Print out mini chore chart cards.

Chores Chart Classroom

We specifically made these mini cards with teachers in mind. There are six cards to a page, making it easy to print them out for an entire class.

Encourage reading with our bookmark.

chore chart bookmark main

Just fold and go with these bookmarks. Since reading and bedtime stories are such a great habit to build, we created a bookmark of responsibilities to do right before bedtime. Of course, the last item on the list is to read.

Color as you go with this chore chart printable.

Chore Chart Color CC Color by numbers

With this color-as-you-go chore chart, you can document your progress throughout the week. Then at the end, you’ll have a beautiful picture. We encourage you to do this coloring page again and again. You can even change up and customize the key to any colors you love.

We’d love to see how you use these chore charts. Share with us on social media, including our Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter. Here are the links one more time.