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Free October Calendar Encourages Kids to Explore Their Neighborhood

Go out and discover new things near you!

For this month’s calendar, we’re encouraging you to go out and explore your neighborhood! We’re calling it the Explore Your Neighborhood Challenge. It’s a good time of year to learn, discover, and sometimes rediscover what’s around you. Of course, keep social distancing guidelines in mind as you go and adjust as needed. We have a list of things to get you started, which include:

  • Ride your bike to the park.
  • Collect 10+ different types of leaves.
  • Check out a store near you.
  • Create sidewalk chalk art.

This calendar is a perfect way to encourage independence in kids and inspire them to go out exploring on their own. It’s available in two different sizes. You can also get a version where it’s just the challenge sheet without the calendar. Also check out the Independence Kit to encourage your kids to explore more on their own. Thanks and have fun exploring your neighborhood.

Get the free October calendar.