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With our free printable calendar for 2021, you’ll be all set for the year. We have every month covered. Plus, each one has a new theme. Think of these as challenges to encourage your kids (and your entire family) to be more independent.

Here are the months and the themes:

January: Challenge Yourself

Push yourself to set and accomplish big goals in the Challenge Yourself Challenge. 

February: Help Out Around the House

Pitch in and help out with tasks and chores with the Help Out Challenge. 

March: Celebrate Animals

Embrace the animals in your life (both pets and wild animals) in the Celebrate Animals Challenge. 

April: Love Your Planet

Help the Earth and practice your independence with the Love Your Planet Challenge.

May: Get Growing

Hone your gardening skills and practice your independence with the Get Growing Challenge.

June: Be Creative

Make, build, and create on your own with the Be Creative Challenge.

July: Go Outside

Go outside and explore on your own with the Go Outside Challenge,

August: Be Responsible

Learn how to do more things on your own with the Be Responsible Challenge.

September: Head to the Kitchen

Make, bake, and create delicious things in the  Kitchen Challenge. 

October: Explore Your Neighborhood

Exercise your independence with the Explore Your Neighborhood Challenge.

November: Help Others

Lend a helping hand in your neighborhood and community with the Help Others Challenge. 

December: Have Fun With Friends

Take time to connect with and spend time with friends with the Have Fun With Friends Challenge. 

We hope you enjoy this free printable calendar. Share it with friends, too!