Free Printable Journal Pages Will Help Your Kids Capture This Time in History

Our prompts will get kids thinking and writing.

Free Printable Journal Pages Will Help Your Kids Capture This Time in History

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Charles Darwin, Lewis and Clark, and Anne Frank—these are just a few of the numerous famous figures who have recorded important moments in history through their personal journals. Today, these firsthand accounts provide the context and insight that we need to understand pivotal moments from the past. And now with our free printable journal pages, your kids and students can do the same.

In the midst of COVID-19, schools are closed, activities are suspended, and playdates are delayed until further notice. For lots of kids around the world, this means isolation and uncertainty. How can they process this new reality in a productive way?

They can use our free printable journal pages to document their experience.

Journaling is a great outlet not just for documenting history, but also for processing emotions. In their writing, kids shape questions they might otherwise have trouble asking. There, they find a safe space for voicing their feelings and concerns without judgment. Sometimes, just writing down how they are feeling can help to soothe that anxiety or sadness.

We are living an important and unprecedented moment in history right now. Someday, the memories and feelings recorded during this time will serve as documentation for how people felt and why certain choices were made. Journaling is one way to soothe our souls and become a part of the history.

In the words of William Wordsworth, “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”

Here’s what you’ll get in this kit:

We have writing prompts, which will make great journal activities, along with several blank pages for writing. And we have two pages of prompts for kids to fill in with questions like:

  • When did you first hear about the coronavirus?
  • What are you doing to entertain yourself?
  • How are you staying connected to others?
  • What tips do you have for other kids?

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