FREE Kit Encourages Goal Setting for Students

Kids who learn to set goals are developing so many good life skills.

Goal Setting Kit

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Setting goals has always been an effective way to get things done and achieve long-term success. Research has shown this to be true for both adults and kids. So here at Let Grow, we took that notion and combined it with one of our favorite topics—childhood independence—to put together this goal setting for students kit.

We know kids can achieve some pretty amazing things through the simple practice of doing things independently. With that in mind, we created a set of printables, including worksheets, goal cards, thank you notes, and more. We hope your kids or students are able to put these to good use and set some amazing goals for themselves. By thinking of their goals with independence in mind, we know they’ll be gaining some valuable life skills at the same time.

By the way, this goal setting for students kit is perfect to use with our Independence Kit, which encourages kids to do more on their own. Within this kit, we encourage kids to choose something new that they’ve never done before and try it. We have lots of goals and project ideas to choose from for inspiration.

Here’s what’s in the goal setting for students kit.

  • Me & My Goals Worksheet
  • Goal Cards
  • Long-term Goals Worksheet
  • Thank You Notes
  • Coloring Page
  • Take One Sheet