FREE Independent Classroom Kit Encourages Resilient, Self-Sufficient Students 

Hands-on materials and digital resources help put students in control of their learning.

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Creating a classroom full of independent doers and thinkers is one of the single best practices teachers can do to have a successful school year. Not only is it essential in being an effective educator and having time for everyone and everything, but it also helps students build important life skills. 

Here at Let Grow, we know independence in kids leads to successful, resilient adults. We already encourage this through resources like our Let Grow Independence Kit and the Let Grow Let Them Play Kit, and now we have the Independent Classroom Kit. 

We developed this kit in collaboration with several teachers across age groups to make it as useful as possible for both classroom and at-home learning. Take a closer look at the tools and resources you’ll get in this kit. 

Parent Resources and Posters

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You’ll get resources to share with parents to help establish your independent classroom. This includes a parent letter, a dos and don’ts list, an independent classroom poster, and a pledge sheet to clearly outline expectations.

Student Resources and Interactive Digital Files

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We have goal sheets, including weekly, monthly, and long-term. We also have progress sheets and teachers notes, meant for students to fill out for their families and teacher. These are all available via Google Slides so students can fill out materials digitally, too.

Independence Cards

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We also have classroom independence cards of common procedures, along with lots of blank cards, for you to create with students.