Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Your Kid!

Our 4th Weekly Summer of Independence Challenge

This is not quite a, “Remember back when we’d hunt mastodons?” post. But we ARE going to ask you to stroll down Memory Lane and think about what it was like to knock on some of the doors there. Because that’s what kids used to do: Go to, say, Bruce’s house, knock on the door, and find out if Bruce was home. If he was, great!

Could he come out and play?

Adventures begin with venturing out.

So that is this week’s Let Grow Summer Challenge #4. To create just a bit more confidence and community, we’d like you to have your kid go and visit a bff by foot, bike, scooter — pony. And once they find a friend at home, maybe the two of them can go together to visit another friend. And another! Pretty soon they’ll have a posse. (Especially if everyone DOES have a pony.)

Why not just text the friend? Well if YOU, the parent, do it, you’re making the playdate, obviously. In fact, that’s when the the thing BECOMES a playdate, and not just “playing.” And if your kid texts, they are on a phone. And a body on phone tends to remain on phone. So this is a chance for your kid to physically leave the house and venture forth.

“Stranger Things” gets it right.

Speaking of which, you may have seen this article in Sunday’s New York Post by Let Grow President Lenore Skenazy: “Parents Should Let Their Kids Live Like the Characters on Stranger Things.”

She did not mean to suggest parents should let their kids battle Demogorgons (or even stay out past dark). But it’s depressing to hear that many kids think that flesh-eating monsters are no less make-believe than kids riding bikes without a chaperone (or helmet).

To break the stranglehold of fear, have your kids go knock-knocking this week. As in:

Knock knock!

Who’s there?


Candy who?

Can Delores come out and play?

See — it’ll take you right back to your mastodon days.