This Adulting Chart Will Help Teens Get Ready for the Real World

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Let’s face it, adulting is hard sometimes. It often comes with added responsibility, challenges, and real-world tasks that, frankly, you really don’t want to do. Yet, these are important milestones on the road to becoming an independent adult. So to help out, we put together this Let Grow Adulting Chart you can give your teenager. It includes things like:

  • Do your own laundry, from start to finish.
  • Write, address, and mail a letter.
  • Pay bills.
  • Take over a chore a parent usually does.

Some of these might conflict with current social distancing guidelines and recommendations—use your own judgement for completing each one. We’re sure these will be perfect for helping your teenager learn to do more things on their own, thus setting them up for long-term success. If you’re so inclined, you can even pick up a pack of gold stickers so they can proudly sticker each item they conquer.

We believe life skills are incredibly powerful for helping kids of all ages get ready for the real world, and we hope you enjoy sharing this with your teen. By the way, you can get more detailed info on tasks teens should be able to do in this article.