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Our free classroom kit helps you encourage resilient, self-reliant students both at school and at home.

When students are independent, everyone wins. Their parents are more informed, teachers have less intervention, and it helps them develop important skills they’ll use throughout their lives. These hands-on materials and digital resources will help make educators’ lives easier while setting students up for success.

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Encourage your students to do more things on their own with these independent classroom resources.

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Students can use our goal sheets to set weekly, monthly, and long-term goals. Plus, all of our materials in the Independence Classroom are available as digital, interactive files. Just open it up in Google Slides and go!

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The Independent Classroom is meant to bridge the gap between at-home and in-classroom learning. We want to bring parents and educators together to help students become more independent.

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Give parents a reason to celebrate with our “What I’m Learning” check-in sheets. Students fill them out to keep their parent informed of what’s they’re doing in class and how they’re growing their independence.

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We have goal sheets, including weekly, monthly, and long-term. We also have progress sheets, posters, a parent letter, and other resources for at-home or in the classroom.

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