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Moral Courage College

Deepen your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Road-tested and research-backed, Moral Courage College takes your school on a journey to build the skills for success in an uncertain world. These skills are: holding dialogue across differing viewpoints, turning dialogue into collaborative action, and solving issues relevant to students’ lives. The end result is a Moral Courage Task Force that empowers young people to become agents of change at school and beyond.

Moral Courage College
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A unique blend of instruction, mentorship, co-teaching and professional development

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Full-year of customized activities including on-site and virtual presentations, workshops, and consultation

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Year-round mentorship via video for a student task force and supervising faculty

Now that I’m a college freshman, I’ve found that Moral Courage isn’t just something learned and practiced in high school. It’s a piece of character that you take with you for the rest of your life because the ability to speak up and stand up for what you believe in is invaluable.

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