12 Thank You Notes for Teachers That Really Capture Real Life Right Now

Take time to thank that special educator in your life.

12 Thank You Notes for Teachers That Really Capture Real Life Right Now

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For many, it’s been a struggle. Kids learning at home and parents trying to work at home is not an easy combination. Thankfully, teachers are stepping up and offering their incredible patience and support to keep distance learning happening. As a way to recognize all those great educators out there who have made parents’ lives easier, we put together these thank you notes for teachers.

There are so many great stories of teachers going the extra mile to stay engaged with their students. Take a moment to send a virtual thank-you to the important teachers in your life. Or share one on social media to give educators, even those you don’t know, even more support. Yes, it’s been a challenging time for many of us, but it’s always good to take time to give thanks to a teacher.

Because the mute button is a beautiful thing.

Thank You Note Mute

It’s definitely taking some getting used to with this new online learning. But you’re there with the mute button ready. Thank you.

Because we know teaching goes far beyond 9 to 5.

Thank You Note Weekend

We know it hasn’t been easy getting everything together quickly to keep kids going. Thank you.

Because we don’t need to call attention to some things.

Thank You Note Hear

Between barking dogs and sibling squabbles, there’s always something going on, but you just keep on going. Thank you.

Because you’re motivating us to do the same.

Thank You Note Pants

It’s hard keeping a routine, but getting dressed every day as if you were going to school is a great example. Thank you.

Because you make life a lot easier.

Thank You Note Tech support

We know it’s not your job to be our tech support, but it sure is helpful. Thank you.

Because any human interaction is welcome at this point.

Thank You Note Videos

It can’t be easy sitting in front of a camera and keeping up your energy. Thank you.

Because this is even more important than starting new curriculum. 

Thank You Note Normal

It’s been a whirlwind, and having you bring some routine has been great. Thank you.

Because we only have so much space in this house.

Thank You Note Sibling

They want to participate, too. Thank you.

Because our pets are feeling it, too. 

Thank You Note Dog

We never know what the animals are going to do, but you’ve been very understanding. Thank you.

Because we could all use some extra calm.

 thankyou 9

You probably have your own family to deal with, too. Yet you’ve still been here for mine. Thank you.

Because we’re all just trying to make it work these days.

Thank You Note Everything

We don’t always have the most flattering things going on in the background, but you don’t say anything. Thank you.

Because teachers are just incredible.

Thank You Note Thanks

It looks different, but you’re there every step of the way.

And these thank-you notes for teachers are a small way to acknowledge that. Thank you.

You might want to check out the printable thank-you cards we have available, too. Get them here. Plus, if you want to download these thank you notes to print or share, just enter your email to get a PDF with all of them.