Do you have a great idea for a Let Grow article? We want to hear about it! 

Let Grow is a nonprofit that promotes independence as a critical part of growing up. Through community-driven advocacy and education, we aim to make it normal again to let kids be kids. We are always looking for new writers and ideas for features, research-backed articles, opinion pieces, and more. 

Here’s at a look at some of the topics we cover.

  • Childhood independence
  • Free-range parenting
  • Helicopter and snowplow parenting
  • Unsupervised and unstructured activity
  • Free play
  • Social-emotional learning
  • Self-directed learning

Here are a few tips for pitching us.

Craft a great headline. This goes really far in having a pitch accepted. Think about scrolling through your own social media. What would get you to stop and click?

Include a visual when possible. Photos really help tell a story. Please don’t upload a photo if you don’t have the rights to it. But if this pitch is personal or about something you did, we’d love to see it!

Find a new or creative approach. We receive a lot of general pitches about why you should “let grow.” So take some time to find a new or creative way to support this message.

Be specific. Building on the last idea, sometimes it’s good to be more detailed. What are specific, engaging ideas that others parents can relate to?

If you would like to pitch us an article idea, please use the form below. Please only include one idea per form. If you have multiple ideas, feel free to submit another form. We pay competitive freelance rates for great content, and we’ll share specific rates upon assignment.

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