Free Independence Kit—Encourage Kids to Step Up and Do More Things on Their Own!

This free curriculum will keeps kids active and learning even when they're not in school. Get the Let Grow Independence Kit now.

Free Independence Kit—Encourage Kids to Step Up and Do More Things on Their Own!

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Not a Let Grow member yet?

Our independence kit proves that education doesn’t stop outside the walls of a classroom. The real world is filled with opportunities to build independence, develop life lessons, and experience social-emotional learning, and kids today are as smart, strong, and capable as their parents were at their age.

This Let Grow Independence Kit is a mini version of our popular school program, the Let Grow Project. Teachers and educators, we hope you’ll get the classroom version of it right here.

Educators have told us time and time again how much they love this project. It builds their students’ confidence, independence, and overall life skills. Parents love it for these reasons, too. Here’s what you’ll find in the kit:

New! Goals sheet, project ideas, and more.

We recently added new challenge sheets, a new goal sheet, seasonal project ideas, and bookmarks that celebrate independence.

Get our parent letter and worksheet.

The parent letter will explain the project to parents. Then they can use the worksheet with their kids to identify the right project.

Choose from 100+ project ideas.

We have several pages filled with project ideas for students to choose from. We strongly encourage students to come up with their own, too!

Offer incentives using our kid printables.

The responsibility chart will help students track what they’re doing. Then as they complete projects or reach milestones, you can reward them with bookmarks or earning their Let Grow Kid Card.