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Risk vs Reward: Making Tough Decisions

Today’s parents are bombarded with more information, advice, and “cautionary tales” than ever. From viral Facebook posts to breaking news, it seems like there’s always something new to worry about. We’ve become obsessed with “what-if” reasons not to do things, and live in fear of risk and regret. Our drive to protect our children from physical injury, even a splinter or skinned knee, and from any kind of emotional upset, even simple frustration or boredom, is keeping kids from the experiences that help them find their limits, learn how to cope, and discover their true (often quirky) interests.

We get it! We believe in understanding the risks that exist for ourselves and our children. But we have to know the difference between preparing for a likely danger (like falling off your bike, so wear a helmet), an unlikely danger (like a flash flood, so always wear a life vest), and an acceptable risk (car crashes are common but we really want French fries. So you put on your seatbelt, adjust the rearview mirror, and head out).

Let Grow has gathered the facts and data to bust a few myths, so parents can avoid making too many fear-based decisions.

Knowledge is Power

Common Child Safety Myths

True, false, or more an exaggeration?

Crime Statistics

It’s hard to get past fear, but knowledge can help.

How to talk to authorities

You hope it never happens, but you can be prepared.

Know the laws in your state

Criminal and neglect laws that you should know.