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The Let Grow Experience

The Let Grow Experience
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The Let Grow Project is a simple, life-changing homework assignment: “Go home and do something new, on your own. Climb a tree, run an errand, make a meal… ”  The choices are endless and the impact: immediate. 

The Project is the foundation of The Let Grow Experience,  our FREE complete curriculum for students and parents. With two versions, one for K-8th grade, and the other for 8th – 12th,  it can be used out-of-the-box but is also flexible and customizable for any school. How much class time you spend is up to you, as the school’s main task after introducing the Experience is to assign the Project regularly, educate and engage parents (we’ll give you everything you need) and provide opportunities for celebration of growth. 


The Let Grow Experience
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Self-directed kids make better learners

Curious Kids

Help parents learn the importance of stepping back, so their kids can step up.

Parents And Students

Kids who are allowed to take small risks and figure things out themselves at home will have more grit and determination at school.

School Activities

Kids naturally become more empathetic. They learn to see and celebrate their peers’ unique skills and interests.

See how this teacher was amazed by the change in her students.

With anxiety at an all-time high for young adults, one middle school teacher was desperate. Her students were terrified to leave their comfort zone. How could she break through? She found the Let Grow Project and never looked back. Watch the video to see the huge impact The Project made in her anxious students’ lives.