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Parents & Families
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Ready to join the movement for childhood independence?

Or maybe you’re independence-curious? Either way, we’re glad you’re here! Preparing your child to be a competent, confident, and happy adult (preferably living on their own) starts when they are young. Childhood should be a series of small steps towards independence, but we know that letting go is an act of bravery! We can help.

Parents & Families
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Let's Raise Some Independent, Can-do Kids

We’ve got what you need to encourage childhood independence at home & in your community

Independence Is Key

As parents, we all want to raise kids who are resourceful, resilient, and ready to succeed. But today’s society often frightens us into holding our children closer rather than letting them free to grow.

  • What’s Changed
  • How Helping Kids is Hurting Them
  • Benefits of Independence

Start at Home Now

Join us and we’ll send you the Family Editions of our school programs to get started at home. Then enjoy our blogs, updates, newsletters, and more!

  • The Let Grow Experience: Independence Kit for Kids and Tweens
  • The Let Grow Experience: Independence Inventory for Tweens and Teens
  • Play Club Guide for Parents

Facts And Research

Let Grow is leading the conversation around independence in childhood, and we have the information to back it up.

  • Evaluating the real risks-crime statistics and urban myths
  • Should you fear neighbors calling authorities?-laws in your state
  • You shouldn’t need to justify your parenting, but here’s data and information from experts.

Join Our Facebook Group

Raising Independent Kids is Let Grow’s Facebook group, with over 6500 members. This is a public group and a place for you to share stories, questions, encouragement and sometimes outrage – but not at each other! It is loosely moderated by members themselves, a couple volunteers, and an occasional chime-in from our co-founder, Lenore Skenazy. 

  • Share experiences and questions
  • Get tips and advice from other parents
  • Share stories

Check Out the Independence Challenge

Each summer The Let Grow Independence Challenge asks kids for photos, videos, and stories of them doing something new, on their own. So many bike riders, hike takers, babysitters!

Prizes! Prestige! Fun!