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Independence Therapy

Independence Therapy
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Recently, Prof. Camilo Ortiz completed the first pilot project treating anxious kids with a “mega dose” of independence. They walked to school, ran errands — simple stuff. But this “Independence Therapy” worked better than drugs and faster than Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

You don’t need to be a therapist — or have an anxious kid — to try a simple version of this. Schools can request our materials, and parents can get a “home version.” Dr. Ortiz has an Independence Therapy Manual for therapists. All these materials are free. And the results are remarkable. (See video.)


Independence Therapy
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Independent Kids Feel Confident & Hopeful

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Anxiety is the awful belief that life is full of challenges you can’t handle, and that if you try, you will fail and be hurt. Kids need PROOF that this is not the case. Independence gives them that.

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Kids need some time when an adult ISN’T THERE to help them. That’s when they improvise and realize: Hey! That wasn’t so hard. Or: Hey! That WAS really hard. But I’m still standing!

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Feeling capable is fantastic. Knowing that the people who love you ALSO believe in you — they think you are resourceful and resilient — that’s the wind beneath your wings. When parents trust kids with some independence, both generations feel a weight lifting. The sky’s the limit!

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