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Let Grow Play Club

Children learn important skills and life lessons when adults don’t get involved every step of the way.

Bring unstructured play back into your school or community by starting your own Let Grow Play Club. Kids are missing out on real-world problem-solving and social skills because adults intervene too much. When you give students the time and space to create and collaborate on their own, amazing things can happen.

Start your own Play Club, and unleash the power of unstructured play!

Play club culture

School culture becomes more supportive and inclusive when you let students interact with each other and solve their own challenges without adult intervention.

Play club mixing ages

Mixed-age play benefits all kids. Older students develop responsibility, leadership and empathy. Younger kids learn executive function by trying to be like the big kids.

Play club benefits

Whether before or after school, kids in the club have fun and make new friends. Educators report reduced behavior problems and a sunnier school climate.

Many kids don’t get the social interaction they need to develop into empowered adults. Play Club is an intentional way for us to provide that for our students.

Bring a Let Grow Play Club to Your School!

Get free printables and educational resources, including a school implementation guide to help set your club up for success.

Play Club Implementation Guide for Educators

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Not a Let Grow member yet?

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