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When Adults Step Back, Kids Step Up

Let Grow equips parents, educators, and communities with the tools and confidence to raise independent kids who are ready to succeed in our ever-changing world.

Let Grow - Parents and Families

Parents & Families

Get started being a Let Grow family. Explore our free independence-building resources, including articles, videos, printables, and more.

Let Grow - Educators


Get started being a Let Grow educator. Explore our free school resources, including free programs, classroom printables, and more.


Learning Through Independence

Our programs for schools and communities are created with a guiding belief that children become bold and resilient when they have the freedom to explore, play, and think on their own.

Let Grow - Learning Through Independence
School and Community Programs

Check out our initiatives to introduce Let Grow to schools and community organizations through easy-to-use student programs. They will help kids become independent, learn life lessons, and experience social-emotional learning.

Professional Learning

From workshops and webinars to virtual engagements with the experts on our team, we offer many opportunities to bring the Let Grow mission and mindset to schools and educators across the country. Get info on how to bring us to your school or community.

Have Us Speak

We are leading experts in talking about the positive impact of childhood independence and how it relates to parenting and education. We’d love to talk to you about how we can support your school and community efforts through a speaking engagement.

Get Involved

The movement to promote childhood independence needs you. Join us to access free resources while helping us spread awareness. We also hope you’ll consider donating to keep our mission moving forward.

Get Involved
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