Let Grow Legislative Toolkit

Let Grow Legislative Toolkit

Let Grow leads the movement for childhood independence. We mobilize support for policies that allow kids to grow up resourceful and resilient, including “Reasonable Childhood Independence” laws. Utah passed the first such law in 2018, unanimously. Since then, seven more states have followed: Oklahoma (2021) and Texas (2021), both with nearly unanimous passage. Next came Colorado (2022), and Virginia, Illinois, Connecticut and Montana in 2023. In five states, our law passed unanimously. Let Grow works with bipartisan sponsors and with broad coalitions of allies to see legislative protections for childhood independence enacted into law. If you want to work to see legislation enacted in your state, this toolkit is designed to help.

Let Grow Legislative Toolkit

Get tools and resources to advance the childhood independence movement.

Model Bills

Any of these five model bills can be used as is or modified.

Maps of State Laws

There are actually two maps—one for criminal laws, one for child protective laws.

Sample Testimony and Template

Testimony in favor of a “Reasonable Childhood Independence” law can come from parents, experts (doctors, teachers, psychologists), even kids. For samples of each, and an easy-to-use “Testimony Template,” click the button below.


Politicians, professors, and pundits have all endorsed the idea of guaranteeing parents the right to loosen the leash a little.

Citations & Links to Signed Bills

In order of passage as reflected by the date of the Governor's signing, here's a list of state statutes.

Printable Fact Sheets and Flyers

These are copyright-free flyers explaining the need for a Reasonable Childhood Independence Bill. Feel free to print, modify and share, online or off.

Stories from Parents

Some good, caring parents have been arrested or investigated for giving their kids—by choice or by necessity—a bit of freedom. These three quick stories exemplify why the law should guarantee parents the right to give their kids some reasonable freedom.

Arguments for the Bill

Independence is a critical part of growing up. Kids who have some free time and space get the chance to think creatively, solve problems, and discover their interests. Read five arguments for the bill that says childhood independence shouldn’t be...

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Want to help get a Reasonable Independence Law passed in your state? Or maybe you have a question?

Constitutional Rights of Parents

Take it from the united states supreme court: parents have the constitutional right to allow their children reasonable independence. The constitution as a source for “reasonable independence” laws & policies.

The Case Against Age Limits

Age limits are not good policy, but guidelines recognizing child development age-ranges can help parents and professionals make good judgments.