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Let Grow For Schools

Let Grow For Schools
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Want your students to be more independent and engaged?

It’s not your imagination that more students are struggling to do things for themselves, solve simple problems, and expect constant direction at school. They aren’t self-directed, confident kids at home, so they can’t be self-directed, engaged learners at school. Let Grow School Programs are free, easy, and get parents engaged in building independence at home that will naturally make them better students. No cost and no instructional time required, one superintendent called Let Grow “a silver bullet“ for building essential skills.

Let Grow For Schools
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Let Grow School Programs

Competence and confidence grow hand in hand.

The Let Grow Experience

Our complete full-year student and parent curriculum for building agency is free, easy to use, and all available through a shared Google Drive.  Promote independence as a pillar of your school culture with a school-wide program designed by educators to strengthen home-school participation, support empathy and equity, and help with:

  • Agency
  • Self-Confidence
  • Executive Functions

Let Grow Play Club

Let kids of all ages play together before or after school with some loose parts and an adult overseeing only as a “lifeguard.” What skills do students build when adults don’t organize the games or solve their spats?

  • Creativity
  • Cooperation
  • Communication

Independence Therapy

“Go home and do something NEW on your own.” That simple assignment called The Let Grow Project has a profound effect on kids’ self-confidence, that Dr. Camilo Ortiz, a clinical psychologist and advisor to Let Grow used it as the basis for a new treatment for anxiety in kids. His results and Clinical Therapy Manual are available at no cost.

  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Problem-solving

Think For Yourself Essay Contest

When kids leave their comfort zone, it’s cause for applause. Our high school essay contest awards $8000 in college scholarships for students’ stories about a time they stood up for freedom of thought, speech, or deed in their everyday lives. Scholarships can be used for:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Community Colleges
  • Trade or Technical Schools
Let Grow Schools Across the Country

Let Grow Schools Across the Country

Let Grow Schools Across the Country

Educators Praise Let Grow

Schools are Recognizing the power of independence.

Let Grow is a perfect fit for all children, allowing every child and every family in our community to grow and develop into the very best version of themselves.

Review From Dr. Aurelia Henriquez, Superintendent

Dr. Aurelia Henriquez, Superintendent, New York

After my students participated in Let Grow’s initiatives, I saw a dramatic increase in their confidence level — and a dramatic decrease in their anxiety.

Review From Jodi Maurici, Middle School Teacher

Jodi Maurici, Middle School Teacher, Sayville, NY

After The Let Grow Project, the one word people keep coming back to is ‘CONFIDENCE’.

Antoinette Quarshie, Dean of Students, NYC

[The Project] encourages problem solving, perseverance, emotional regulation. It’s just really great for building those skills.  

Dana Blumberg, School Counselor, Chicago

What surprises parents about The Let Grow Project is that they didn’t let their kids try new things at an earlier age.

Stu Moore, Superintendent, Oklahoma

We prioritize free play because, ‘Play is the work of childhood.’ The Play Club is integral to our curriculum, promoting creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, cooperation, social-emotional and motor skills.

Kevin Smith, Superintendent, Connecticut

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Play Club Case Study #1: Discovery Ridge Elementary

Play Club Case Study #1: Discovery Ridge Elementary

Play Club Case Study #1: Discovery Ridge Elementary


Students at Discovery Ridge Elementary in O’Fallon, Missouri, were tattling and fighting more than they did before COVID and expecting the adults to soothe them. P.E. Teacher Chris Sevier thought free play might help kids become more mature and self regulating. In Play Club students organize their own fun and solve their own conflicts. An adult is present, but only as a “lifeguard.” Chris started a before-school Let Grow Play Club two mornings a week open to all the kids. He had 72 participate, with the K – 2nd graders one morning and the 3rd – 5th graders another.

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