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Volunteering with Let Grow: How to Help

Volunteering with Let Grow: How to Help

We like to describe ourselves as scrappy,  and small but mighty. We do a lot with every resource we have, but we can’t do it alone. We are always open to help, and if you’ve got a skill you want to contribute, just for a single project or longer term, we want to talk to you!

Let Grow is a fully remote organization and most of the projects we need help with can be done anywhere so long as you have a computer and internet access.

Read on for some important information about volunteering, some of the projects that may be available, and the form to fill out if you are ready to commit some time and effort to helping our mission and organization.

Volunteering with Let Grow: How to Help

Want to Bring Let Grow to Your Area?

Promoting independence and free play for your own kids and community is what we need most!

We love passionate and motivated parents who want their kids to have freedom, play outside with other kids, and do things on their own. If that’s you, start on our Parents page to find kits, resources, how-to’s for staring your own Play Club, how to encourage your child’s school, and much more! No need to fill out the volunteer form, just dig in and get everything you need!

Some of our current needs

Internet Research

Simple and a bit tedious but very important, these projects let you play investigator on the internet. You may be looking for email addresses for a list of people or browsing school websites for a program or keyword. We’ll give you the what to search for, where to record your findings, maybe a deadline, and set you free to sleuth. 

Scholarship Essay Readers

Needed between May 1st and July 1st every year to read short personal essays. We’ve got simple guidelines and you won’t need to judge grammar, spelling, or anything you might have hated as a student. Batches of 50-100 PDF’s are quick to go through and promote to Round 2 or don’t. 

Volunteer Coordinator

Help us help others to help us. This is an ongoing role for an organizational type comfortable with email, Zoom, and technology. Handle screening applications, matching volunteers with projects, and keeping in touch. On your time, commitment is a few hours a month. Asana experience is a plus!

Digital Asset Management

We’ve got loads of pictures and videos in folders that we need to move into a DAM (seriously, that’s what it’s called) platform. If you’re a visual person and like to organize things, we need your help cleaning out the closets! We’ll need someone who likes to learn new technology and having experience with photo and/or video editing could be helpful.

Blog Post Rewrites

We’ve posted hundreds of blogs, and some of the oldies are goodies! They just need a little rewrite, updates of some links, statistics, and quotes, and a quick polish so we can recycle them. We need help combing our archives for potentials, and also doing the research and rewrites. If you like to write, have a good eye for valuable content, and can mimic some of Lenore Skenazy’s tone and humor, you could do one or a series of posts.

Independence Challenge Coordinator

Our annual Independence Challenge is fun and easy to enter, and we could use help tracking the entries, answering parent questions, and judging the submissions this summer. It runs in July and August we get anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand entries. If you need a summer project and can learn a pretty simple technology platform, this could be perfect for you. It could also be a great summer internship for a marketing student.

Video & Audio Editing

Let Grow is frequently mentioned in the press (like on Bill Maher, Good Morning America, and more) and our founders are regularly interviewed. There’s so much great material out there we want to share but it sometimes comes in faster than we can process it. We could use help from someone who is comfortable with and has access to editing software to pull clips and format them for us to use in social media and other marketing materials.

State or Regional Evangelists

Let Grow is working hard to expand our reach and we know we need to plant the seeds of our mission far and wide. We have an ambitious plan to gather information, lists of organizations, people, and data for every state in the U.S. We’d love to have at least one Let Grow Liaison  in each state who would do the research and gathering, and be our go-to person to create networks of supporters, help plan outreach or an event, work on a Reasonable Childhood Independence Bill, or host an affinity group. We’ll provide guidelines and formats, and you’ll provide your passion for our mission, leadership skills, and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens after you get my form? We will review it and send you an email with any questions, potential project matches, or an invitation to schedule a Zoom call. 
  • Do you have any age requirements?  We believe kids are more capable than they get credit for! Teens with skills and passion are welcome to apply.
  • Is there paperwork involved? Let Grow will require that you sign a non-disclosure agreement before staring a project.
  • Will I need a background check?  Not usually since we do not work directly with children. We do reserve the right to request one if we feel it is necessary.
  • Will Let Grow purchase any equipment or software for me? Sorry, you must use your own equipment and software. Let Grow will provide access to online platforms if needed.
  • Will Let Grow verify participation or hours for community service or educational requirements? We are happy to consider this on a case-by-case basis.