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Father’s Day Special: Free Printable Card, “All About Dad” Fact Sheet and Dad Jokes!

Dad’s special day will be upon him sooner than male pattern baldness. If you are unprepared (for Father’s Day, that is), we’ve got you covered!

In our Celebrate Dad Kit, you’ll find a printable card, an “All About Dad” fact sheet with fill-in-the-blank questions he’ll love the answers to, like:

My dad always says this: _______________________________________________________________.


I learned how to do THIS from my dad: ________________________________________________.

PLUS we’ve got a lot of free Dad Jokes of this insanely good caliber:

“Wanna hear a joke about construction? I’m working on it!”

Move over, Ricky Gervais! And look — you can print ’em out like this and then run from your co-workers or neighbors:

dad jokes

If you insist upon MORE great dad jokes, check these out from Reader’s Digest, which may have invented the whole category.

And a Happy Father’s Day to all!