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Playing Outside Should Not Be Against the Law

Playing Outside Should Not Be Against the Law
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At Let Grow, we believe kids have the right to some independence, and parents have the right to give it to them—without getting arrested or investigated for neglect. That’s why Let Grow is working to change the neglect laws.

Playing Outside Should Not Be Against the Law
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Making Childhood Independence Legal

Let Grow has helped change the law in 8 states, with more on the way.

Bad Laws Can Hurt Good Families

Right now, most states’ neglect laws are incredibly open-ended. They say things like, “Parent must provide proper supervision.” We agree! But people have different ideas of what that entails. Let Grow-supported legislation says that neglect is when you put your child in obvious, serious and likely danger — not anytime you simply take your eyes off them.

  • Parents know best when kids are ready for some unsupervised time.
  • Reasonable Childhood Independence laws help parents who WANT or NEED to step back.
  • Kids have more freedom when parents don’t fear being reported.

We Have Been Successful

Let Grow has helped pass “Reasonable Childhood Independence” bills in eight states to date, always with bi-partisan support. Want this to happen in your state? We make our experience and expertise available.

  • We’re currently considering a handful of states for next year, including Michigan and Nebraska.
  • Reasonable Independence Laws are often a matter of equity.
  • Our supporters include parents, teachers, psychologists, pediatricians and kids!

Let Grow Legislative Toolkit

Resources to advance childhood independence in your state or town

We’ve got model laws, sample testimony, talking points for legislators, and tips on what has worked (and not worked). Everything you need to sow the seeds of change!