Free Let Grow Independence Kit Gives Kids a Gazillion Things to Start Doing On Their Own!

With summer in full swing, there’s still plenty of time for kids to become bold and independent.

You’d think with about a year and a half of Covid behind us, kids would have already checked off a childhood’s worth of to-dos: Learn to bake a cake, ride a bike, sew a mask, sell something, climb something, start a club, sleep someplace more fun than plain old bed…

But sometimes it’s not just the kids who need a little push, it’s the parents. In a culture that puts a premium on protection, it’s hard for today’s parents to know just when their kids are ready for any of these independence milestones.

Which is why we created The Let Grow Independence Kit.

Modeled on The Let Grow Project popular in schools across America (students get the homework assignment, “Go home and do something new, on your own!”), the kit is a free, downloadable treasure trove of independence-building ideas, projects and philosophy. The basic premise is that kids thrive when they are allowed to spread their wings a bit — and parents end up impressed and excited, too.

When the kids come back from some small adventure, they’re not just proud — they know that WE believe in them. That’s just plain crucial. Think back on your own childhood. The people who believed in you are easy to remember, and may still bring a grateful tear to your eye. It is so powerful to know that someone thinks you have what it takes to succeed, especially when you are young, unsure, and untested.

How great to be that person to your own kids.

Download the kit* — click here — and you’ll find a list of ideas your kids can pore over to brainstorm something they want to do, and a “Let Grow Kid Card” they can carry that says, “I’m not lost or neglected — my parents know I’m out here,” and a poster, and some bookmarks and just a whole, well, kit that gets you and your kids started on that road to responsibility, independence and fun. It is really easy to start, and you know what?

We believe in YOU!

*Printable pages for you to print at home. We regret Let Grow cannot print or mail paper copies.