Let Grow Mission

We Are Leading the Movement for Childhood Independence

Let Grow believes today’s kids are smarter and safer than our culture gives them credit for.

We reject the idea that all children are in physical, psychological or emotional danger all the time…from everything. Treating kids as fragile is making them so!

That is bad for their future — and our country’s.

So why does society insist on bubble-wrapping them? Why are we encouraged to protect them from every discomfort? Why don’t we trust them to do anything safely or successfully on their own?

Because of the twin fears stalking today’s parents: Either their kids will be kidnapped and killed by some guy in a white van… or they won’t get into Harvard.

But in fact, treating today’s kids as fragile is bad for their future, and our country’s. With an unpredictable and rapidly changing economy ahead, kids need to be flexible, creative problem-solvers. They can’t solve their problems if adults are always right there, solving them first!

That’s why Let Grow is creating a new path for parents, schools, and America itself — a path back to letting kids have some adventures and develop more independence.  Let Grow asserts that:

  • Kids aren’t fragile, they are “anti-fragile” — built not just to withstand some challenges, but to grow stronger once they do.
  • The world is not more dangerous today than in decades past.  In fact, America is at a 50-year crime low.
  • Doing a little less for our kids is not negligent or lazy. It is a vote of confidence in them.

The winners in business, life and love are comfortable with a bit of risk, and able to deal with disappointment (even the lack of a trophy). They listen, argue, work things out. They are open to change. They pivot.

They are future-proof.

At Let Grow, we recognize the enormous pressure to hold our kids close. The media and marketplace love to scare us all. And yet, in our hearts, we know that something is wrong.

Always helping our kids is hurting them.

Therefore, our mission is to give parents, educators, and communities the tools — and the confidence — to step back, so kids can step up. We are making it easy, normal and legal to raise resilient, resourceful, independent kids.

When we let go we…Let Grow.

Our Values

We invite you to take a look at our values. We hope these resonate with you and inspire you to find more ways to support childhood independence in your home, school, and community.

They can do it themselves. (Let Grow Mission)

When adults step back, kids step up. Children become more confident and capable when they have the freedom they deserve—and their parent’s trust.

Children are resilient by nature.

We should let kids make the most of their childhood. It’s the time in their lives when they’re literally and metaphorically able to fall down, get back up, and try again.

Free play is fundamental. (Let Grow Mission)

Children flourish when they’re allowed to navigate their own interactions. Unstructured play helps them build essential life skills, like how to solve problems, make smart choices, and work well with others.

Letting go is an act of bravery.

Parents want what’s best for their family. It takes courage to resist the pressure to overprotect your kids and to feel confident when you let them do things on their own.

The future depends on how we raise our kids now. (Let Grow Mission)

A society is as strong as its citizens—collaborative people who persevere in the face of obstacles. Instead of shielding the next generation from every bump in the road, we must give them independence to grow into the adults our society needs.

Get Involved

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