State Laws And Let Grow Updates in Connecticut

State Laws And Let Grow Updates in Connecticut

Let Grow is making a lasting impact across the entire United States. With the help of greater childhood awareness, volunteers and faithful donations, it is our goal to bring Let Grow programs to thousands of schools and neighborhoods across the country. Take a look at what’s happening in Connecticut and how you can help.

State Laws And Let Grow Updates in Connecticut

State Laws And Policies

Criminal Law:

Connecticut General Statutes Vol. 13, Tit. 53 forbids leaving a child in a car at a “public accommodation,” and failing to report a missing child; it also defines the age under which children cannot be left alone as 12.

Juvenile Court | Child Protective Services | Neglect Law:

Probate Courts and Procedures at Connecticut General Statutes Vol. 12, Tit. 45(a), Ch. 803 (“Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption”) and “Family Law, Juvenile Matters” at Connecticut General Statutes Vol. 12, Tit. 46(b), Ch. 815, provide that it is neglect for a child to be in an “injurious environment” or be without proper care; inadequate supervision is defined as being left alone for an excessive amount of time given the child’s age and maturity. Unfortunately, this vague law specifically identifies unsupervised children as neglected simply for being left alone, without requiring any showing of harm and without giving guidance for parents to know what an excessive time.


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Nationwide State Laws And Policies

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Right now, most states’ neglect laws are incredibly open-ended. They say things like, “Parent must provide proper supervision.” We agree! But people have different ideas of what that entails. Select a state below to learn more about their laws, policies and how Let Grow is helping.