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Trevor Noah Gets It: “Parents — Step Back!”

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Read Time: 1 minute

Perspective. Trevor Noah’s got it.

Trevor comes from another country. (His autobiography of growing up in South Africa — wow, it’s so great.) Between that and being a comedian, he’s able to see what is strange about the American parenting practices we accept as normal.

And even stranger about the Brooklyn ones.

In the clip below, he ponders the parents he sees at a Brooklyn playground — and comes up with a novel solution to help adults step back. It involves luggage.

Excellent idea. But of course, we have some solutions, too. Giving kids some childhood independence involves:

  • Changing the laws. Our legislative advocacy is doing that right now — and you can be part of it!
  • And changing the cockamamie idea that somehow this generation of children needs more help, intervention, products, and high-fives than any generation any other time or place in the world. To find others thinking about this and starting to change, join our Facebook page, Raising Independent Kids.

And now — Trevor!

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