Free Poster of Alternatives to “BE CAREFUL!”

Here are some less fretful, more upbeat ideas.

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“Be careful!” We say it all the time. Does it actually make kids careful? Doubtful. Does it make them scared? Maybe. Does it distract them so they are less careful? We’ve certainly heard those stories — mom shouting “Be careful!” and the kid, straining to catch what she said, missing the branch where he was about to put his foot.

There’s got to be a better phrase.

And there is!

We created this poster of alternatives to saying “Be careful!” all the time. Let’s show our kids we trust them. We WANT them to grow and explore.

Feel free to share the poster on social media, put it on your fridge, and/or post a picture of it in your home to our Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter feeds. And then, send those kids out there to “Be…Kids!” 

Encourage alternatives to “Be Careful!”