Get the I’m Bored Kit to Keep Your Kids Busy and Entertained

It's 100 things to do when you have nothing to do.

Get the I'm Bored Kit to Keep Your Kids Busy and Entertained

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“I’m bored!”

As parents, we’ve all heard it—and probably more than once. Your child is bored, and somehow they’ve decided it’s your responsibility to remedy the situation. Take our advice: Don’t do it!

Here at Let Grow, we believe it’s perfectly fine to let your kids be bored. (See our article, Dear Parents Everywhere, It’s Okay to Let Your Kids Be Bored for further details about why.) In fact, boredom will probably make them more resilient, creative, and independent. Yet, a part of us still wants to help or offer suggestions sometimes, right? If this is the case for you, check out our new I’m Bored Kit. This kit comes with 100 different things kids can do, which they can cut out to draw out of a jar or bowl. We also created an I’m Bored Bingo game with the suggestions. Both should keep your kids busy for hours and hours.

To get the kit, just enter your email below. Then keep reading if you want a closer look at what you’ll get.

Get 100 different activities for kids to do.

You’ll have activities, chores, games, and a lot more. We truly tried to have something for everyone when we came up with this list.

Play I’m Bored Bingo.

This set of cards has the following categories:

  • Be creative
  • Outside time
  • Read, write, & relax
  • Exercise & play
  • Do chores

Hang the poster on your fridge.

This is a great poster that helps kids understand whether they’re actually bored. Parents, we suggest you just point to it anytime your kid is asking you to entertain them. If they say, “I’m bored,” then just point to the sign.