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Let Grow’s Educational Podcast Takes a Fresh Look at Social-Emotional Learning

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We have a new educational podcast at Let Grow, “Capable and Confident Kids,” featuring innovative educators and leaders across the country. Join Let Grow’s vice president of school programs, Andrea Keith, as she explores the importance of social-emotional learning and other relevant topics. You can check out the episodes below.

To learn more about the Let Grow school programs and how they make students more capable, confident, and resilient, check them out there. These programs are free and require very little effort for teachers.

Episode 1: The Whole Child, Wholly Capable with Dr. Michael Hynes

Podcast Mike

In this podcast episode, the conversation centers on the amazing capabilities of our students. We interview Dr. Michael Hynes, superintendent of schools for the Port Washington School District in New York. He is a TEDx speaker and also an experienced educational leader committed to whole-child education. With Michael, we take a look at how students excel on their own when they’re given time and space to grow. Right now, many schools are working to solve the reentry dilemma. Michaels also talks about why whole-child education and social-emotional learning (SEL) are still important pieces of this equation. And he helps tackle some of these hurdles and reminds us that our students are wholly capable.

Episode 2: How Play Enhances Social-Emotional Learning with Dr. Lori Koerner

Podcast Lori

This podcast episode explores the importance of free play and its essential role in social-emotional and academic learning. We interview Dr. Lori Koerner, executive director of curriculum, instruction, and professional personnel for New York’s Riverhead Central School District. Lori gives her expert perspective on “the boredom question” and looks at how many children are overscheduled today. She also shares her experience using a teaching style that allows students to explore, make choices, and become creative, self-directed learners. Lori highlights three key benefits of play that educators should keep in mind. This includes helping students release energy, express emotion, and form relationships.

Episode 3: Encouraging Purposeful Creativity and Innovation with Butch Herod 

Podcast Butch

How do we give kids a learning environment that helps innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship flourish? This podcast episode takes this on, as we interview Dr. Edmond “Butch” Herod. He is the director of the West Houston Institute for Innovation. Butch gives his take on the need to give students space to take risks and explore, which is how students develop resilience and confidence. He also discusses his work with the IDEAS Academy, a program expanding youth’s ideas and possibilities. He shares how innovative partnerships have given students the opportunity to use their ingenuity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Here’s where to listen and subscribe to “Capable and Confident Kids.”

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