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Free Father’s Day Kit Includes Card, Personalizable Dad Fact Sheet, and DAD JOKES!

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Dad’s special day will be upon him sooner than male pattern baldness. And that’s soon!

In our Celebrate Dad Kit, you’ll find a printable card — no CVS run for you. And an “All About Dad” fact sheet with fill-in-the-blank questions he’ll (hopefully) love the answers to, like:

*My dad always says this:

*My dad makes me smile when he:

*I want my dad to know most of all: 

Seriously. If a kid fills in that page, that is a KEEPER! Forever!

You’ll also get bunch of dad jokes, only one of which we will print here:

Why can’t you trust stairs?

They’re always up to something.

(They’re also a tripping hazard, but we don’t dwell upon that in the jokes.) (Or on this blog.)

So come and get your free kit by clicking here! And a Happy Father’s Day to one and all! Be grateful for your dad and also that you are not a slab of ribs at ShopRite!

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