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Why Did The Turkey Download this Page? To Get his Free Thanksgiving Jokes and More!

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Thank gobble for dumb jokes! And fun activities! And even some heartfelt thanks!

We’ve got all those for you right here, via our printable Give Thanks Kit we trot out every year. There’s something for everyone — little kids can color, older kids can interview grandma about pre-TikTok Thanksgivings, and dad can crack the jokes, including our favorite:

“My family told me to stop telling Thanksgiving jokes…but I said I couldn’t go cold turkey!”

So what do you get?

  • All About My Thanksgiving sheet. A fill-in-the-blanks sheet with questions for kids about what makes YOUR Thanksgiving so cool. Re-read it when they’re in college and you will need Kleenex. Or therapy.
  • All About ________’s Thanksgiving sheet. This fill-in-the-blanks sheet helps your child interview an adult about the holiday in years past, and family traditions, wise or wacky. It’s also an easy way for kids to connect with a relative or family friend they don’t know well — yet.
  • Free Thanksgiving Jokes. This is the real reason you’re downloading, right? Our jokes are as awful — and wonderful — as the gravy boat spilling on your plate.
  • Giving Thanks sheet. Gotta do gratitude!
  • Give Thanks poster and coloring sheet. Who needs an iPad? This can keep kids busy for…uh…minutes!
  • Why I’m Thankful for You cards. Get your kids to fill and give these out. Now they’re in everyone’s will!
  • My Thanksgiving Let Grow Project. Suspiciously similar to the sheet you’ll find in our Let Grow Independence Kit, but hey — you’ve come to this site because you believe in independence, right? So this part encourages kids to pick something they’ve never done before and complete it at Thanksgiving. After all, they’ve got a four-day break to get started!

Get the kit here!

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