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Not all who wander are lost or neglected.

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Not a Let Grow member yet?

Here at Let Grow, we are big supporters of kids exploring on their own. This is why we created the Let Grow Kid Card.

This card (or Let Grow kid license as some like to call it) is a great way to show others of your commitment to let kids have a little freedom. Print it out, sign it, and tuck in a pocket or backpack. Then your child can pull it out if there’s ever a question of, “Why are you alone?”

Kid License
I’m a Let Grow Kid

It’s not foolproof—in that some fool may still think your kid should not have an ounce of independence. But it’s a vote for what you believe in, and it shows your kids that you believe in them and their freedom, too.

We hope this paves the way for real change. Just like the the Free-Range Parenting bill signed into law in Utah, and the “Reasonable Childhood Independence” laws passed in Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado, we are renormalizing childhood independence. Kids today are as smart, strong and capable as their parents were at their age. They just might want to carry a little card now to prove it.

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