Our Free “Give Thanks Kit” Includes Thanksgiving Activities, Jokes, and More

Capture great memories this Thanksgiving with these interactive pages.

Give Thanks Kit Includes Thanksgiving Activity Pages, Jokes, Coloring Page, and More

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Not a Let Grow member yet?

No matter how you celebrate this holiday or time of year, it’s a perfect opportunity to pause and give thanks. We have put together a printable we’re calling our Give Thanks Kit. It truly has something for everyone with Thanksgiving activity pages, jokes, and more.

Take a look at everything you’ll find.

  • All About My Thanksgiving sheet. This fill-in-the-blank sheet has questions and prompts to help kids capture and remember Thanksgiving Day.
  • All About ________’s Thanksgiving sheet. Don’t let the past slip through the cracks! Kids can use this fill-in-the-blank sheet to interview an adult or family member in their life. Holidays like Thanksgiving often involve gathering across generations, whether you’re in person or virtual. This is the perfect opportunity to encourage your child to connect with someone in the family that they don’t know all that well to learn about what Thanksgiving was like when they were a kid.
  • My Thanksgiving Let Grow Project. Similar to the sheet you’ll find in our Let Grow Independence Kit, this page encourages kids to pick something they’ve never done on their own before and complete it at Thanksgiving. This is part of our Let Grow Project program, and it’s a great way to encourage kids to try something new.
  • Thanksgiving Jokes. We put together a mix of Thanksgiving and fall jokes. If you’re wondering why did the turkey cross the road — start downloading.
  • Giving Thanks sheet. Encourage kids to ask family and friends what they are thankful for — a simple way to gather various responses all in one place.
  • Give Thanks poster and coloring sheet. Lovely art for our younger Let Grow kids.
  • Why I’m Thankful for You cards. Four cards per page. Kids can write to specific people, telling them why they are thankful for them.

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