Grades K-8

Independence Challenge

Every year, we hold an Independence Challenge, asking kids to show us all the great things they’re doing on their own!

We know kids are capable of some pretty amazing things. When adults step back and let them do and try things on their own, the sky really is the limit. In this annual contest, we ask kids to show us all the great things they’re learning and tackling independently through photos, videos, and essays.

Our Independence Challenge contest gives us a great opportunity to showcase childhood independence.

Independence challenge - new things

When you encourage kids to try new things on their own, then they have a chance to discover all types of new interests and passions.

Independence challenge - prizes

Once a year, we’ll open up entries for our contest, giving kids to earn more than $500 in prizes. Plus, they’ll get serious bragging rights!

Independence Challenge - kit

Use the challenge as an excuse to encourage your kids to try something new. You can use our Let Grow Independence Kit to get started.

The Challenge will be back in Spring 2021.

Thanks to everyone who entered our 2021 contest. We will be back in spring 2021 with a whole new contest.