Let Grow has so many resources to share, from research about our programs, great stuff from our co-founders, a documentary, and so much more! It’s hard for us to keep up, but here are some of the great things we want share, and maybe had some trouble figuring out where they belonged on our website.

Articles for Grown-Ups

Want to know more about what Let Grow is all about? Here you go! Kids can do it themselves. When adults step back, kids step up. Trust kids to do more and they will blossom. Is Free-Range Parenting the Secret...

Books for Kids

Some suggestions for children's books that promote independence, resilience, and growing up.

Chasing Childhood

This documentary film is a great overview of how perfectionism and over-scheduling is affecting kids and teens today.

Have Lenore Skenazy Speak

Want more Lenore? She's available for speaking engagements, and audiences love her!

Jonathan Haidt Insights

Let Grow is proud to have been co-founded by Jon Haidt, but we aren't the only thing he's known for. Find more information and links here.

Our Legal Guru, Diane Redleaf

Let Grow's legislative work is primarily thanks to our legal consultant. She has led precedent-setting appellate legal challenges and spearheaded legislative reform efforts on behalf of children and families. Learn more about her.

Phone-Free Camps

Hello, soon-to-be happy campers (and camp parents)! This is a very incomplete list of camps that don’t allow phones. All camp names were submitted to us by readers. Some are co-ed, some are religiously affiliated. Some are day camps, most...

Research Studies on Let Grow

Access research that's been done on Let Grow Play Club and The Let Grow Project.

School Case Study- Discovery Ridge Play Club


Tips for Suggesting Let Grow Programs

Wisdom from Peter Gray

Research Psychologist and Let Grow co-founder Peter Gray has a wealth of resources and we share some here.

World's Worst Mom

Lenore Skenazy helped parents who over-protected their children learn to back off in this tv series.