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$300 Top Prize: Show Us Your Kids Doing Something New, ON THEIR OWN!

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We want to see photos and videos of kids doing something new, on their own. Biking, baking, hiking, sawing, mowing, sewing, drilling, building, fixing, running errands, making forts, helping out, going forth.

Please send us your photo or video by Aug. 14, 2023. The more un-posed the better! (But posed is better than nothing.) You can also enter our Parent Challenge by sending us a short story of letting go.

Watch our video of last year’s Independence Challenge entrants to be inspired. Of course, we’d love your kids to watch, too! Then — send ’em off to do something new, on their own!

FIRST PRIZE: $300 Gift Card

2 RUNNERS UP: $100 Gift Card (each!)

PARENT STORY: $100 Gift Card


  1. TTamara Wineland says:

    Not necessarily. I will sneak up on my kids if they are outside doing something they love to do and snap photos while they’re not paying attention. I don’t like to interrupt their self-directed activities.

  2. CCary says:

    If you’re there watching and taking pictures, they’re not on their own. “On their own” means no adult presence or surveillance. That’s the way kids used to play.