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A 7-Year-Old Girl Gets Lost on Her Way to School in the Big City, But She Knows What to Do!

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From the land of uber-independent kids comes this email (edited to correct the grammar mistakes):
Dear Let Grow:

We are reading your blog here in Germany…with mild amusement.

Here’s what happened recently in Leipzig, Germany: A seven-year-old girl was taking a streetcar to school. Alone. Because of construction, the streetcar gets detoured and she has to get off at the central train station. She looses her orientation, walks into a store, asks a sales person to help her. They call the police. The police check the situation with parents and school, emphasize that the girl reacted perfectly, and drop her of at school with police cruiser.

She was still in time for class.

Nobody blamed anybody for anything, nobody got prosecuted. Apparently they had a safety training earlier on what to do in such a situation. That paid off very well…

Mit freundlichen Grüßen [Google Translate: “With best regards.” Though to us it sounded like “With great friendship”]


We send great regards to Germany, too, where childhood independence is prized. Did you ever get lost as a kid? Tell us the story! Or if your child got lost, we want to hear what happened next!

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