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Bill Maher on Let Grow’s “Reasonable Childhood Independence” Law

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Read Time: 1 minute

Bill Maher is a fan! Here he is, chatting with Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, about the “Reasonable Childhood Independence” law the governor signed this year — a law Let Grow has helped to pass in four states to date. More to come!

If you’d like to get involved in making sure parents can’t get investigated for letting their kids play outside or walk to school or do some age-old childhood activities on their own, please visit our ADVOCACY page. And if you would like to support our efforts to make childhood independence easy, normal and legal, here is our donation page. Donations allow us to do more, faster!

The Reasonable Childhood Independence law deliberately gives parenting back to parents and childhood back to kids. It did not endorse danger or heedlessness! It endorses the idea that parents know their kids best and can recognize when they are ready for some independence — and that independence is a crucial childhood “vitamin.” Neglect is when you put your kid in obvious, serious and likely danger — not anytime you take your eyes off them!

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