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Well, Golllly! “Free-Range Parenting is NOT Crazy”

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Read Time: 1 minute

Take a look at this lovely little clip, below, from FoxNews last week. While the caption on screen says, “Critics Warn of Parenting Style’s Possible Consequences,” that’s not the direction the segment takes!

Instead, the guest, Hadley Heath Manning of the Independent Women’s Forum, defends Free-Range / Let Grow parenting. Then she goes on to say something equally wonderful: As long as you are providing your child with unconditional love and some guidelines, there are a whole lot of ways to parent that are all just dandy.

In other words: Maybe the whole parenting-as-spectator-sport thing is insulting. Maybe mom- bashing is getting old. Maybe you can’t turn every parenting discussion into a feast of disapproval.

To which we say: Bravo!

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