Girl, 9, Saves Family by Using Unconscious Dad’s Face to Unlock His Phone!

Let's hear it for bravery and brilliance

That is pretty much the whole story but holy smokes!

Jayline Brandao’s parents brought a generator inside after a storm left them without power in their Brockton, Mass., home. Soon afterward, Jayline’s mom started feeling terrible but, as she later told Boston 25 news, “I thought it was just a headache, then 2-3 minutes, I didn’t feel anything.”

It was Carbon Monoxide poisoning! The mom passed out.

Her dad’s screaming woke Jayline up. But when ran to see what was the matter, he was passing out, too. Jayline wanted to call 911 but her dad’s phone was LOCKED! Brilliantly, she held it up to his face to activate facial ID. When it unlocked she dialed 911.

Then she got her 7-year-old sister outside to safety. She called the neighbors for help.

A very happy ending

The first responders arrived and saved her parents. Mom woke up in the ambulance. No word of when dad came to, but both of them are getting better. Jayline and her sister are totally fine — and Jayline got a citation from Brockton Mayor Robert Sullivan, who said, “We are in good hands with the next generation of Brockton with young people like Jayline,” We sure are!

NOW: Think about how much our country underestimates kids Jayline’s age! Some schools won’t let kids 7, 8 or 9 walk home on their own. Sometimes we even criminalize parents who KNOW their kids are ready to do some things on their own, like Debra Harrell, who was arrested for letting HER 9-year-old play in a nearby park.

Let Grow is working to change the neglect laws to make sure that no parents can be arrested or investigated simply for giving their kids some reasonable independence when they believe the kids are ready.

If kids can be THIS BRILLIANT and COOL under pressure, they can probably do something a little less demanding, too. Like watch TV while mom runs an errand, or walk the dog, or play in the park.

Thank you, Jayline, for saving your family AND reminding us that kids are smart little people, not helpless little pups.

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