How to Find Other Parents Who Give Their 5-Year-Olds Knives

On Facebook, there’s a place for parents to chat about letting grow.

Let Grow’s Facebook Group, “Raising Independent Kids” is where parents find ideas, support and stories like this one, by Sara Minnich Blackburn (who also posted the berry photo):

I must admit I’m not great about actually living my values of my kids’ independence when it makes my life harder in the short term. But I finally picked a day of the week where my almost-5yo will help me prep dinner, with some new kids knives that came in his Easter basket. This was our first week and he was sooooo excited by the experience, and he kept asking “what else can I do to help?” Then this morning he asked if he could cut his own strawberries for breakfast. It’s so clear how important this is, and made me vow to do better to include him, even when it’s inconvenient for me.

The comments were not, “You wuss! What took you so long?” Nor were they, “Age 5? See you in the Emergency Room!” Instead they were curious, confessional, kind. For instance, Nancy McDermott — author of a fantastic book called “The Problem with Parenting” responded:

That’s wonderful! I was just trying to think of other things that might be fun. Mine used to like running water over the fruits and vegetables in the colander. Setting the table is good too. It’s so great you are doing this. I regret not doing it more… mind you, we are making up for lost time.

Others asked about the knife set, or chimed in as did this dad:

Your lad is clearly very smart. He’s using knives at 5! We could barely use a spoon at his age. Well done little Master

And then there were very warm and welcoming comments like:

Good for you!! I can totally relate — I also had to fight past the anxiety. I taught my daughter to chop and now she loves to chop vegetables and help me cook. She especially loves to chop mushrooms, which are another easy starter chop… the best thing is she used to not eat mushrooms but ever since she began chopping and cooking them, she now loves them!! Plus we are making memories. Any, kudos to you and your kiddo!!

If you’re interested in loosening the reins a little and looking for a community at different points on the same journey, there’s no need to feel lonely. Just join us by clicking here!