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What Happens When A Kid Falls Asleep on a Stranger?

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Read Time: 2 minutes

Just a little reminder that the idea of “stranger-danger” is twisting our view of humanity. This video was sent to Let Grow by Rosalie Witt, an early childhood instructor, consultant, and coach in Connecticut who helped us pass that state’s “Reasonable Childhood Independence” bill this year!

Fabiosa 2

You’ll see a little kid sitting down next to a bunch of different strangers — and what happens next.

Clearly it was not filmed in the U.S. (It seems to be from a publication called Fabiosa, out of Cyprus.) One reason the foreign pedigree is obvious is that the adults do not freak out at the idea of being seen alone with a child not their own.

But even if it’s not local, it was made here on earth, where it’s nice to remember that most adults are caring. In cultures that don’t automatically distrust any human interactions between adults and kids, the adults can actually follow through on their kind impulses.

And hey — while we were looking for the original video, we found another version that seems to be from Korea. Also great!

And another — with an older student. So wonderful. It’s cool how the adults often speak in aphorisms.

So thank you for finding us this happy rabbit hole, Rosalie! We hope that now that Connecticut is a Let Grow state, more kid/adult interactions will be happening again!

And readers, if you’d like YOUR state to pass a Reasonable Childhood Independence law, here’s our legislative toolkit!


  1. CaryCary says:

    I had an attractive lady fall asleep on me once during a boring college lecture. Awkward, but not unpleasant. If it happed to me now, in the U.S. (especially here in California), and the sleeper was a child, I’d raise my hands above my head and hope the SWAT team didn’t shoot me when someone called them.

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