You Can Have Cake in 2 Minutes with This Mug Cake Recipe

You'll have instant access to cake with this mug cake recipe. Kids cake make this recipe completely on their own, and it came from 9-year-old, Lauren.

Here at Let Grow, we believe kids are completely capable of cooking and baking on their own. We’ve seen kids do amazing things in the kitchen, so in the year ahead, we’ll be featuring some of their ideas and recipes. This first one is a mug cake recipe that comes from Lauren. She’s 9 and lives in Mukwonago, Wisconsin.

Lauren loves baking with her friends, especially when they can create and make something all on their own. Lauren’s mom, Sarah, is also a big fan of baking. She says encouraging her kids to be confident in the kitchen helps them build independence.

Lauren recently shared her mug cake recipe with Let Grow, and we love how quick and easy it is to make. All you need is a few ingredients, which you probably already have on hand, plus a mug and a microwave. That’s it!

Check out the Let Grow recipe card, posted below, for the rest of the details. And be sure to grab our handy printable mug cake recipe right here as a PDF to keep in your recipe collection. You might even use this with our printable chore charts—have the kids prepare dinner one night, including this great dessert.

Pro tip: Lauren recommends using whipped cream and sprinkles to top off your cake, but it’s really up to you. You could also add fruit, icing, ice cream—the choices are endless. Be creative and make it your own. No matter you tailor it, the most important thing is for your kids to enjoy making—and eating!—this mug cake recipe!


Get the printable mug cake recipe right here!

If you decide to try out this mug cake, please share with us on social media, including our Facebook pageInstagram, and Twitter. We’d love to see what you did with it! Also, if you’d like to have your child’s recipe featured in an upcoming video and recipe card, email us: [email protected]

Check out our DIY video on making mug cake below.