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The Let Grow Project

Independence is childhood’s rocket fuel

The Let Grow Project gives students a simple, life-changing homework assignment: “Go home and do something new, on your own. Climb a tree, run an errand, make a meal… ” The choices are endless and the impact: immediate. Simply by experiencing some independence, students find themselves analyzing situations, evaluating consequences, overcoming obstacles and discovering how resourceful they really are. Everyone sees the change: Educators, parents, the kids themselves. Independence leads to new problem-solving, resilience—and joy.

Watch the the powerful transformation that happens when you give K-8 students some independence!

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Help unleash students’ natural curiosity and confidence. Interested and engaged kids are better learners inside and outside the classroom.

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Strengthen the parent-to-school connection. Parents proud of their kids’ new competence are eager to share triumphs with the school.

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Flexible, equitable activities work for students of all ages and in all types of communities.

The Let Grow Project was a huge benefit to our students and probably more importantly—to our parents.  Giving kids responsibilities and the freedom to carry them out is crucial to children’s development.  In today’s culture of helicopter parenting, projects like this help parents re-evaluate what their kids are capable of doing independently.

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Testimonial on The Let Grow Project

See How the Let Grow Project Transformed this Middle School

With anxiety at an all-time high for young adults, one middle school teacher was desperate. Her students were terrified to leave their comfort zone. How could she break through? She found the Let Grow Project and never looked back. Watch the 2-minute video to see the huge impact The Project made in her anxious students’ lives.

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