Let Grow Experience

K-8 Programs

Give kids the trust and freedom to do things on their own.

It’s almost shocking how easy, straight-forward and TRANSFORMATIONAL Let Grow’s K-8 programs are. That’s probably because they simply give kids back the chance to do some things on their own — they put the key in the ignition. Student curiosity and self-reliance shoot up, and the school gains a culture of confidence. As adults step back, kids step up and reach their full potential, in the classroom and beyond.

Let Grow Experience K-8 Programs
free resources for schools - unstructured play

All programs include ready-to-implement materials. These free resources for schools promote independence through unstructured learning and play.

free resources for schools - self-directed activities

Self-directed and unsupervised activities build student confidence, resilience, and relationship skills. They also give kids the opportunity to discover new interests.

free resources for schools - life skills

Social-emotional skills gained through experiential learning outside the classroom have a positive effect on academic success and school climate.


The Let Grow Project

Students get a transformational homework assignment to do something new, on their own—with a parent’s permission. The result is pride and confidence in their capabilities. The project’s free materials include a letter to parents, interactive worksheets for students, and 100+ ideas to choose from.

Let Grow Play Club

Play Club gives students the opportunity for mixed-age, device-free, unstructured play before or after school. Adults supervise but do not intervene. Using our free implementation guide, all you need is a gym, park, or open space to get started.


Childhood anxiety and depression are on the rise. Our experts help you explore how the lack of independence impacts kids psychologically and academically. Then we look at how dramatically things can change when kids play and think independently.

Independent Classroom

The Independent Classroom kit gives educators a strong framework to encourage independent behavior in students. The free materials are designed to be used both in the classroom and at home, bringing educators and parents together.

Let Grow is a perfect fit for all children and all families, allowing for culturally responsive ways for every child and every family in our community to grow and develop into the very best version of themselves.

Get Involved

The movement to promote childhood independence needs you. Join Let Grow to access free resources for schools while helping us spread awareness. We also hope you’ll consider donating to keep our mission moving forward.