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12 Amazing Things Kids Can Do with Sticks

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Read Time: 4 minutes

If you’ve ever gone on a nature walk with a kid, you know that they love to pick up stuff along the way. In fact, you’re likely to return with more sticks, pebbles, flowers, and leaves than you know what to do with! That’s where these fun and imaginative stick-art ideas come in. Every one of them is something kids can tackle on their own, with just some basic supplies you probably already have on hand. Kids won’t believe what they can create!

1. Build a rustic easel.

For all those creative kids out there, this easel will be a perfect project. You can use it to hold a small canvas for painting. It also makes a nice display for art or a photo. Make it as small or as big as you’d like, depending on the sticks you find.

2. Sail away on a stick-art boat.

Huck Finn built himself a raft, but why not take it a step further and add a sail? Kids can build a whole fleet and hold races in a nearby creek (or puddle). Learn how it’s done at Easy Peasy and Fun.

3. Weave on a stick loom.

Stick Art Babyccino

Source: Babyccino

Kids will love choosing their own colors and creating patterns with this simple stick-art project. You probably already have everything they need: a forked stick, some yarn, and a bobby pin or yarn needle. Step-by-step instructions from Kristen Chamberlain will get them started in no time.

4. Flutter off with maple seed dragonflies.

Maple seeds (also known as whirlybirds and helicopters) are always fun to play with, but who knew you could create such gorgeous stick art with them? Kids will want to create a swarm of these pretty dragonflies, so give them some glue and paint and let their creativity fly! Church Street Designs has the details.

5. Paint with nature paintbrushes.

They’ve done finger painting, they’ve daubed with cotton balls and cotton swabs, and they’ve even used a traditional paintbrush or two. But they’ve never done anything like this! With nature paintbrushes, kids will fill their canvas with unique textures, each more fascinating than the last. They’ll never tire of finding new materials to experiment with. Get the how-to from Messy Little Monster.

6. Aim for the target with stick-art arrows.

Kids can really put their own style on these folksy arrows, choosing a combination of beads, feathers, and fabrics that reflect their personality. Find out how they’re made at Yellow Bliss Road.

7. Create the cutest stick owls.

Hooo doesn’t want one of these adorable little owls? Made almost entirely of natural materials, this stick-art project encourages kids to forage for the bits and pieces they like best to personalize their creation. I Heart Crafty Things has tips for making your own.

8. Hang a photo mobile.

Snag some sturdy fallen branches for this DIY stick-art mobile. Let kids decorate them any way they can imagine. They can try wrapping yarn, painting designs, or gluing on beads. Then, they’ll use some twine to hang the sticks from each other horizontally, forming the perfect space for displaying photos or artwork. See more at Hello, Wonderful.

9. Make an alphabet of stick-art letters.

A, B, C, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3! Here are two different ways for kids to assemble stick art letters, both lots of fun to do. The Happie Housie shows you how to make a large letter display with glue and cardboard that’s perfect for bedroom walls. Buggy and Buddy teaches kids how to put together smaller twig letters using yarn.

10. String a stick garland.

Need a unique holiday decoration? Ask kids to tie together this simple but stunning garland. First, they’ll need to gather a ton of sticks and twigs. Then, they break or cut them with garden clippers, making them all about the same length. Finally, have kids follow the directions from Funky Junk Interiors to tie the sticks together into an impressive piece of rustic home decor.

11. Write with DIY stick pencils.

This stick-art project is a little more complicated than the rest, but kids can definitely handle it, with a little patience and care from you. Made With Happy illustrates the steps to find the right stick, drill the hole for the lead, then assemble and sharpen these crafty little pencils.

12. Craft colorful stick-art dolls.

Stick Crafts Familie


Once kids see these funky little twig dolls, they’re going to want to make a whole bunch of their own! Half the fun will be finding the right sticks. Then all they’ll need is a little paint and some raffia or yarn for hair, and they’ll have a whole family of stick-art dolls ready for all kinds of imaginative play.

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